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Decorative Concrete


Absolute Surfacing offers the beauty and functionality of custom decorative concrete, from pouring color integrated product, to topically-applied stain, etching, or sand-blasting effects.  Use combinations to craft a unique and durable surface that beautifully conveys your style.

The mottled, variegated, and realistic look produced by staining existing concrete is often the most desirable feature of a decorative floor. When treated with a stain, no two floors are alike. Most stains can be applied to new or old, plain or colored concrete surfaces.

There are a variety of ways to achieve the distinctive colors found in decorative concrete. With integral coloring, the products are introduced at the ready-mix concrete plant, and come in dry, liquid, or granular form. Coloring mixed throughout the concrete allows for full-depth color. Using white cement in place of traditional gray portland cement can allow for additional color choices.

Dry-shake color hardeners are applied topically to freshly placed concrete, coloring the top 3/16 inch of the surface. The advantages of the dry-shake method include improved finishability, an unlimited range of colors, and a hard, abrasion resistant surface. Reactive and passive stains enable the transformation of concrete into an enduring work of art.