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Concrete Restoration

A Second Chance

Absolute Surfacing has a full line of diamond concrete grinders, polishers and the proper products, that help us to level, polish, and clean the concrete. Alongside our grinders, we use oversized vacuums that collect the dust, and leave you with a dust free and comfortable environment. If cleaned regularly, your concrete can have that fresh look of being newly polished, year round, as well as helping to extend its life.

Whether you need a thin coating applied, or need to quickly have coatings such as epoxies, paint, or built up adhesives removed, our equipment allows us to help you with any of your needs.

If your concrete is in need of repair, we can help you with that as well. Each repair differs in nature, due to what the initial cause of the problem was, and requires specific details as to what kind of wear and tear the concrete is typically under. This is where our knowledge level is very important.

Absolute Surfacing can help you with your crack and joint filling needs. Crack and Joint fillers provide load bearing strength, as well as provide protection from chemical and water damage, that can lead to surface spalling at joint edges.

If your concrete is going to be up against the elements of Mother Nature, our sealants can help provide that extra level of protection it will need. Prior to installation, we will make sure that your concrete is free of any contaminants, and will go over what the best sealant option for your concrete is.