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Concrete Polish

Today’s Floors for Tomorrow

Looking to give your floor an upgrade? Polished concrete can take you from your typical dull gray flooring, to a beautiful, low maintenance and practical surface. We strive to work with you and your schedule, making sure that your business or home can be up and running again in no time. We mechanically prepare, chemically seal and harden your concrete, then polish it to shine like a beautiful new floor.

This is an excellent choice of flooring for industrial areas due to the durable wear of the concrete. Polished concrete is everywhere now, anywhere from Hotel’s and bar’s, having a beautiful natural stone finish, to restaurants, sport arena’s, and retail stores that have a nice colored polished finish.

Concrete polishing has many different design and pattern options. If you have decided to have the concrete polished prior to the concrete being poured, you have many more options in regards to the pattern and look of the finished product. Polished concrete is dust and allergy free, simple to clean, long lasting, and has many other wonderful attributes that make this a great choice for your business, or home.

If you are looking for something similar but a little more cost effective, we have a range of other flooring options comparable to polished concrete. Concrete polishing is becoming more and more popular in homes. People are falling in love with the natural, and unique look of concrete. Whether you dye it to match the color scheme of your home, or leave it to its natural polished hues, Absolute Surfacing has something to offer you.