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Building Inspiring Spaces

Concrete is now thought of as a beautiful decorative element, expanding its look beyond the plain, monolithic grey and industrial style. From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning, stained concrete floor, the attraction is continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete in thoughtful design.

Comfort Under Foot

With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, our selection can provide comfortable and stylish flooring for the hospitality, retail, corporate office, or private home setting.


Our wide selection of carpeting guarantees you will find an appealing, yet durable carpet, no matter what traffic your space will bring. We also offer a wide range of carpeting options for nearly any budget.


For years, tile has been the affordable solution and flooring staple in kitchens, bathrooms and other water-sensitive areas. A clean, precise tile installation is easier than you might think. Our skilled tradesmen will help bring your tile floor to life.

Vinyl, Linoleum, Laminate

Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile flooring options, making it one of the fastest growing categories in the industry. Low cost, this durable material is perfectly suitable for many residential and commercial spaces because unlike expensive hardwood flooring, vinyl can be installed anywhere and is super easy to clean and maintain.

Foundation for Success

Floor leveling is a constant struggle especially in areas where the fixtures and resilient flooring need to be very flat. We have been employing grinding methods to bring down high spots and installing self-leveling concrete over existing concrete floors. This has provided the customer a huge cost savings over the other means of leveling without removing the high spots. These methods are perfect for areas where door and ceiling heights cannot be moved and a traditional topping slab is not possible.

Today’s Floors for Tomorrow

Looking to give your floor an upgrade? Polished concrete can take you from your typical dull gray flooring, to a beautiful, low maintenance and practical surface. We strive to work with you and your schedule, making sure that your business or home can be up and running again in no time. We mechanically prepare, chemically seal and harden your concrete, then polish it to shine like a beautiful new floor.

This is an excellent choice of flooring for industrial areas due to the durable wear of the concrete. Polished concrete is everywhere now, anywhere from Hotel’s and bar’s, having a beautiful natural stone finish, to restaurants, sport arena’s, and retail stores that have a nice colored polished finish.

Concrete polishing has many different design and pattern options. If you have decided to have the concrete polished prior to the concrete being poured, you have many more options in regards to the pattern and look of the finished product. Polished concrete is dust and allergy free, simple to clean, long lasting, and has many other wonderful attributes that make this a great choice for your business, or home.

If you are looking for something similar but a little more cost effective, we have a range of other flooring options comparable to polished concrete.
Concrete polishing is becoming more and more popular in homes. People are falling in love with the natural, and unique look of concrete. Whether you dye it to match the color scheme of your home, or leave it to its natural polished hues, Absolute Surfacing has something to offer you.

A Second Chance

Absolute Surfacing has a full line of diamond concrete grinders, polishers and the proper products, that help us to level, polish, and clean the concrete. Alongside our grinders, we use oversized vacuums that collect the dust, and leave you with a dust free and comfortable environment. If cleaned regularly, your concrete can have that fresh look of being newly polished, year round, as well as helping to extend its life.

Whether you need a thin coating applied, or need to quickly have coatings such as epoxies, paint, or built up adhesives removed, our equipment allows us to help you with any of your needs.

If your concrete is in need of repair, we can help you with that as well. Each repair differs in nature, due to what the initial cause of the problem was, and requires specific details as to what kind of wear and tear the concrete is typically under. This is where our knowledge level is very important.

Absolute Surfacing can help you with your crack and joint filling needs. Crack and Joint fillers provide load bearing strength, as well as provide protection from chemical and water damage, that can lead to surface spalling at joint edges.

If your concrete is going to be up against the elements of Mother Nature, our sealants can help provide that extra level of protection it will need. Prior to installation, we will make sure that your concrete is free of any contaminants, and will go over what the best sealant option for your concrete is.


Absolute Surfacing offers the beauty and functionality of custom decorative concrete, from pouring color integrated product, to topically-applied stain, etching, or sand-blasting effects.  Use combinations to craft a unique and durable surface that beautifully conveys your style.

The mottled, variegated, and realistic look produced by staining existing concrete is often the most desirable feature of a decorative floor. When treated with a stain, no two floors are alike. Most stains can be applied to new or old, plain or colored concrete surfaces.

There are a variety of ways to achieve the distinctive colors found in decorative concrete. With integral coloring, the products are introduced at the ready-mix concrete plant, and come in dry, liquid, or granular form. Coloring mixed throughout the concrete allows for full-depth color. Using white cement in place of traditional gray portland cement can allow for additional color choices.

Dry-shake color hardeners are applied topically to freshly placed concrete, coloring the top 3/16 inch of the surface. The advantages of the dry-shake method include improved finishability, an unlimited range of colors, and a hard, abrasion resistant surface. Reactive and passive stains enable the transformation of concrete into an enduring work of art.

Quality Tradesman For Any Size Job

Our tradesmen are experienced in Residential, Commercial and Industrial concrete placement.

Hassle-free Durability

Absolute Surfacing has a full line of epoxy coatings for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. We can install high performance epoxy and urethane systems for all applications like: decking, coolers, garages, warehouse floors, showrooms, pool decks, static dissipating floor and much more. You will always be left with a professional job and a solid manufacturer’s warranty.

Next Level Finishes

Terrazzo flooring is ideal for high traffic areas for applications in schools, airports, government buildings, convention centers, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Anything is possible with Terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo floors utilize an endless spectrum of colors and have virtually no boundaries with floor design or ideas. We can create anything you can envision; you are only limited by your imagination. Terrazzo is much more than just a pretty floor. It is a system designed as an easy to use surface that gives durable, aesthetic finish as well.